Multi-Piano Festival

Multi-Piano Festival

Update 8/18/2018: This event has been cancelled until further notice.

The Piano Festival dates from 1929 when a ten-piano festival was held.  Through the years, there have been as many as fifty pianos in the festival.  This event has been held in several locations throughout the city, including Swisher Gymnasium, Friday Musicale, Civic Auditorium, Florida Theatre and the University of North Florida’s Lazzara Hall.  Thirty to one hundred students perform simultaneously one-piano, four-hand literature or two-piano, four-hand literature under the guidance of a conductor. This type of ensemble experience is a unique event for pianists.

JMTA Multi-Piano Festival 2018 

“Folk Music From Around the World”

Plans are underway for the next Multi-Piano Festival scheduled for Saturday, November 10, 2018.  “Folk Music From Around the World” will feature music representative of several different countries. The performance will be held at Trinity Baptist Church, 800 Hammond Blvd.
Participants will range from Levels 1 – 5, Advanced (high school) and teacher performers.

A featured duet team performing advanced repertoire will be selected by audition to perform one 4 hand duet on the program.  All performers are invited to enter the program design contest with the chance to win $50 if their design is selected.  Committees are being formed now under the leadership of Lindsay Hardee and Anita Renfroe, co-chairs.  Say yes, when asked to assist with this program so your students can have another exciting multi-piano experience.


JMTA teachers, please review carefully the documents linked below which outline the unique Saturday, November 10, 2018 Multi-Piano Festival event.
If you do not see a clickable link, the information for 2018 has not yet been updated for that form.

If you are new to this event, you may wish to review the documents as follows:

Start with the Overview Brochure, it outlines dates, schedules and student repertoire.

For more details, next read Rules for Teachers and Guidelines for Student Preparation.

Information to be shared with your student’s family is provided for you on a separate page.

Here is a list of all the repertoire.

For you, find a PDF fillable Registration form which needs to be completed and mailed to the registrar for the event by listed deadline with check for fees.  (If you wish, you may simply print a blank form and complete it neatly by hand.)

For your advanced student participants who would like to perform as the Featured Duet Team, see the audition application form.

For your student participants who are artistic see the Program Design contest flier.

You or a business you know are welcome to Advertise in the Program.

A bonus for you is a page of Conductor’s Notes from each of our Piano Festival conductors.


JMTA is counting on you to review guidelines and deadlines carefully so that we can have another successful Multi-Piano Festival.  For further questions, email co-chairs Lindsay Hardee or Anita Renfroe. Questions can also be submitted to our general email,, and will be routed to the appropriate person.