District IV Student Day

Student Day will be held on Saturday, March 2, 2019, at First Baptist Church downtown.   The application deadline is January 19, 2019.

The Student Day Handbook is now available online and may be accessed by members at www.fmta.org .



Student Day is one of the best structured and comprehensive music evaluation programs in existence.  And, it gives students a great sense of accomplishment.  Please begin preparing your students now to enter Student Day!
Student Day has three main areas of testing:

1.      The Performance Audition:  Takes place before one adjudicator who gives constructive criticism on:
a.       2 to 3 pieces, depending on the level;
b.      technique:  scales, arpeggios and other skills;
c.       keyboard theory, harmonization and transposition;
d.      musicianship and sight reading (one bonus point for the latter)

2.     Written Theory Exam

Students in Levels 1 through 12 take their written examinations in an assigned area.  They work at their own pace and may leave as soon as they have finished.

GRADING:  Progress 0-74%; Achievement:  75%-89%; Honors 90-100%

3.    Aural Theory Exam

Students are tested in groups per level, 1 through 12
GRADING:  Progress 0-59%; Achievement:  60%-89%; Honors 90-100%

4.  Honors Recital

The Honors Recital date and time is TBA (typically the Sunday afternoon one week after Student Day).

Concert dress!  This is NOT an informal event.  Girls – party dresses, long dresses, boys must be in dress shirt and ties.  (Attire should be the similar to Multi-Piano Festival).

We want to make this new event as special as possible.  Please inform your students and parents of it now, so they can look forward to being invited to perform.  Any student who gets Honors in Performance with at least Achievement in Written and Aural Theory is welcome to perform.  There will be a formal printed program and certificates handed out to participants.