District IV Members Recital

If you are interested in performing at the District IV Member’s Recital, please send your repertoire and performance time to: Michael Mastronicola, mastronicola@yahoo.com Deadline is April 1st. Call or email 904-402-6480 with questions.
The recital will be presented as part of All Saints Episcopal Church’s Music Through the Ages Concert Series on Sunday, April 17, at 6 pm. Location is 4171 Hendricks Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32207. Admission is free. A reception organized by the church will follow in the Parish Hall, but members are asked to bring a dish (brownies, crackers & cheese, etc) if able to assist. Details will be sent to members in the weeks before the recital for a sign-up.
All members are expected to share postings and invites to this recital to friends and their studios. The recital will last no more than 80 minutes, no intermission. Performers must be District IV members in good standing. Performances should be of high quality, and consist of solo piano rep and collaborative repertoire. If you plan to perform with another person, please plan to visit the performance space and figure out logistics beforehand. The performance space is tight! Selections must be under 10 minutes (shorter pieces are welcome!), allowing for a minimum of 8 performers; more may perform based on repertoire length. 10 minutes is an absolute maximum! The piano, a Yamaha 6’11” grand, is currently in the rear of the sanctuary; it will be moved to the front of the sanctuary that afternoon. Because of this, there will not be warm-up time before April 17th. Warm-up time is available from 3-5 pm, 10-15 minutes per performer. Let Michael know your preference if you would like a time slot that Sunday. An offering plate will be at the welcome table. Half the offering will go to the Music Fund at the church to assist with ongoing Concert Series costs; half will be donated to District IV. Performers will be included on a “first response” basis.