District IV Concerto Competition

March 24, 2018
University of North Florida–Recital Hall (Room 1200)

 Applications are due by Feb. 24, 2018.

Chairperson: Dr. Erin Bennett, NCTM 

Important Forms and Links

FSMTA Competitive Events

Information for Concerto Entrants

Rules and Application Form

Vocal Requirements (for entrants in voice only)

Judges’ Rating Sheet

District Concerto Competition Instructions

Please follow the rules and age guidelines very carefully for each level.

Teachers who are members of FSMTA pay no fee for their students to enter the competition. Non-member teachers are required to pay a $40 non-member teacher fee at the DISTRICT level (and an additional $80 non-member teacher fee at the
STATE level if the student(s) advances to the state concerto competition). FSMTA
teachers who renewed their membership after October 1st will also be required
to pay a $40 district fee and an $80 state fee. This fee must be paid at the time of
application. The district fee is made payable to FSMTA District IV; the state fee is
made payable to FSMTA. This is a separate fee from the student application fee!
The teacher listed on the application is the teacher of record during the competition
year. Contestants must be residents of the state of Florida.

Send the following by the application deadline :

1. Complete the application form, save to your computer, and submit as an email attachment to Erin Bennett (erinkbennett@gmail.com).

2. Then mail hard copies of the following to:
Dr. Erin K. Bennett, NCTM
Music Flagship Program
University of North Florida
1 UNF Drive
Jacksonville, FL 32224
– A hard copy of the district application (2 pages)
– Three (3) copies of the Judges’ Rating Sheet for each contestant, with title,
movement, and composer filled in
– One check from each teacher for $40.00 per student (in addition to a $40.00
non-member teacher fee, where applicable), made out to FSMTA District IV

MTNA number must be included before the student can compete.

Each teacher is responsible for downloading these forms from the FSMTA website and for making copies of applications and rating sheets for each student.