Community Service Award

The Jacksonville Music Teacher’s Association participates in the Community Service Awards program. These awards are given to deserving 9th and 12th grade students in recognition of their leadership, achievements, and service to the community in the field of music. The applicants must also be students in good standing with their music instructor, a member of JMTA who recommends them for this award.

Ninth graders apply for the Local and District Presidents’ Community Service Award and may count their music activities from summer before¬†seventh grade through fall of ninth grade. Twelfth graders apply for the FSMTA Community Service Award for 12th Graders and may count their music activities from spring of ninth grade through fall of twelfth grade. Prospective applicants are encouraged to keep a journal of their music participation¬†so they can document their community music involvement in ninth and twelfth grades when they are ready to apply for the Community Service Award.

This award encourages young musicians to use their music talents and skills within their community for the betterment of the community and society as a whole. It also helps them become more responsible and caring citizens as they reach out to others through their music activities. Winning at the county level, the student receives a certificate and a plaque, which is an honor that can be placed on future college or employment applications. The ninth grade state winner receives a plaque and $100.00, while the twelfth grade state winner also recieves a plaque and $500.00. Each county in District 4 is eligible to have a ninth and twelfth grade representative, so let’s strive to have plenty of county winners that could compete at the state level!

Let us encourage ALL students who use their music skills in their communities to participate in the Community Service program!

Applications are due by December 31st.

Local and District Presidents Community Service Award for Ninth Graders

FSMTA Community Service Award for 12th Graders