Special Events

Below you will find a list and brief synopsis of JMTA sponsored events.  Each event has its own webpage on which you can find additional information about each event, including any available downloadable forms.

District Student Day
The Florida State Music Teachers Association offers an evaluation program which is structured and comprehensive.  The requirements for the program are detailed in the Student Activity Handbook, which is available to all teachers.  Students are tested annually on their ability to perform, as well as their understanding of music theory and general knowledge of music. Levels of difficulty range from Primary through Level 12.

Thousands of students enroll in Student Day every year in the state of Florida.  According to teachers and students, the effort involved in this comprehensive program is worthwhile and they have a great sense of accomplishment.

Student Recitals
Student recitals are an opportunity for students from different studios to perform for each other.  At least two recitals are scheduled each year. 

Additionally, JMTA participates in a yearly Community Recital for intermediate and advanced level students.

JMTA High School Senior Scholarship Competition
A monetary award given to High School Seniors pursing a music degree in college.  There are audition and performance requirements.

Summer Music Camp Scholarship

JMTA Summer music camp scholarships will be awarded annually only to pre-college students of JMTA members. Only partial scholarships will be awarded. Teachers must submit a short outline of their students’ qualification for scholarship along with their name(s) to the JMTA Scholarship Committee for consideration by the JMTA board.

District IV Concerto Competition
Instrumental categories of contestants are as follows:  Piano, Organ, Voice, Brass, Woodwinds, Percussion, Strings, and Guitar. District Concerto winners of each level, with the exception of the Elementary category, are obligated to represent their districts and compete in the State Concerto Competition. The Senior Level State Concerto Competition winners are obligated to perform at the FSMTA Conference.  Entrant’s competition category for District and State Concerto Competition is determined by contestant’s age as of June 1st.

Community Service Award
The LeRoy Greenspan Memorial and Wishart Community Service Award is given to one 9th grade and one 12th grade student respectively in recognition of leadership, achievements, and service to the community in the field of music. 

FSMTA Competitive Events
FSMTA hosts several competitive events with monetary awards.  These events are usually held in late May.  Visit fmta.org for more information.

MTNA Competitions
MTNA hosts several competitions with monetary awards.  They are usually held during the Annual State Conference.  Visit mnta.org for more information.

Multi-Piano Festival
Thirty to one hundred students perform simultaneously one piano four hand literature or two piano four hand literature under the guidance of a conductor. This type of ensemble experience is a unique event for pianists.

FSMTA Annual Conference
A yearly gathering of FSMTA members from across the state.