JMTA Officers/Committee Chairpersons



President and Antitrust Compliance Officer: Sandra Roberts

Vice-President of Membership: Lindsay Hardee

Treasurer: Lorraine Eaton

Recording Secretary: Lorie Burningham

Altruistic: Denise Homsley

Communications: Angie Holt

Community Service Award: Sandra Roberts

Internet Media:  Lorraine Eaton and Chelsea Chacon

Parliamentarian:  Lynn Freeman

Piano Festival:  Lindsay Hardee

Programs: Anita Renfroe

Provisional Membership:  Michael Mastronicola

Scholarships:  Kamila Shahtakhtinski


Student Recitals:  Sandra Stewart, Gavin Taylor


Each volunteer officer and chairperson serves for a term of two years and attends a series of board meetings as well as JMTA meetings and events.  Their professionalism in promoting music in the Jacksonville community is incredibly appreciated!