March 2019

Vol. 22, no. 6

JMTA General Meeting
Date: Wednesday, March 13
Time: 9:30am – Business Meeting; 10:30am – Featured Program:
Anthony M. Butler, Sr. – “Teaching as a Business Professional”
Location: Keyboard Connection, 9912 San Jose Blvd., Jacksonville, 32257

President’s Pen
Dear Colleagues,

A huge THANK YOU to Erin Bennett for her informative presentation “Ascending Beyond the Standard Method Book” at our February meeting. Her detailed hand-out will be my “bible” for helping students progress successfully out of method books. That hand-out represents many hours of research. We are grateful to have Erin share her pedagogical expertise with us.
Many thanks also to Lynn Freeman and her nominating committee for submitting a list of potential new officers: President, Anita Renfroe; Vice-President, Sandra Stewart; Treasurer, Lori Burningham; and Secretary, Martha McKie.
We appreciate Denise Homsley’s work in making Student Day possible. Denise has spent much time to make Student day so meaningful to participating students. Thank you, Denise.
Our next meeting will be Wednesday, March 13, at 9:30 am at Keyboard Connection. After our business meeting, Mr. Anthony Butler will present a program “Teaching as a Business Professional.” Mr. Butler is Director for E3 Business Group, Inc., an entrepreneurial work that promotes a philosophy for business, professional and personal success. We are not only music teachers, but we are also business owners and participants. Come and hear how we can be better at the business of teaching music.

See you on March 13th.


Dr. Sandra Roberts
President, JMTA


JMTA General Meeting Minutes
Wednesday, February 13, 2019
Keyboard Connection
Members Present:

Betty Atkinson, Erin Bennett, Lynn Freeman, Angie Holt, Denise Homsley, Paulette Kilts, Martha McKie, Anita Renfroe, Maureen Rhodes, Sandra Roberts, Lorraine Eaton Sears, Sandy Stewart, Kama Rasmussen, Kamila Shahtakhtinski (present via text message)

Call to Order 9:30 am: Dr. Sandra Roberts, President

Correction from November Minutes: Anita Renfroe was present at the program

Lorraine Eaton Sears read the Treasurer’s Report.

Returning Member Ronald Touchton, email announced
that he would appreciate referrals for new students.

Suggestion from Lorraine Eaton Sears a second person be assigned to the
JMTA Facebook page.

Amy Turon is a website provider.

Anita Renfroe suggested that Internet Media should be a team.

Social: Denise Homsley, Lynn Freeman, and Angie Holt brought refreshments. Thank you!

Sandy Stewart announced the March 3 Recital @ 3:00 p.m. The location is
All Saints Episcopal Church. The Proton Therapy Institute recital date
is Tuesday, April 16.

Paulette Kilts conducted the vote for the Removal of Provisional Membership, which will change the 5 former member classes to 4. Constitutional and Bylaw amendments. Distribution of Constitution copies.

Candidates for Officers: Lynn Freeman listed officer candidates. Committee members.

October 17-20 Gainesville and Jacksonville Joint Conference.

River Garden has asked JMTA members to consider holding recitals at their auditorium. Ron Touchton remarked that the piano is terrible.

Student Day Schedule: The Honors Recital will be on March 17th.

– Meeting Minutes submitted by Martha McKie
JMTA Treasurer Transaction Report Nov 1, 2018-Jan 31, 2019

Premier Business Checking October 31, 2018 $9665.89

11/9/18 check 1098—S. Roberts; conference reimbursement $300.00
11/13/18 check 1097—S. Stewart; recital expenses 15.07

11/27 MTNA Dues $50.00
11/27 October Recital 35.00
11/30 Interest .78
12/31 Interest .81
01/09/19 December Recital 95.00
1/31 Interest .81

Current Checking $4388.99
Piano Festival Fund 3316.50
Warren Fund 1827.73

January 31, 2019 $9533.22

Business Money Market (Scholarship) $4254.35
Business Shares (Piano Festival) 1641.10
22 month CD (matures 3/31/2020) 6946.70

Total Assets January 31, 2019 $22,375.37

Other Business:
Website hosting renewal due March 15 ($95.88)
Submitted dues verification form to MTNA. Amounts unchanged from last year.

– Submitted by Lorraine Sears

JMTA Slate of Officers Presented

The nominating committee is pleased to present the following slate of officers for the two year term beginning May 2019:

President – Anita Renfroe
Vice President – Sandra Stewart
Treasurer – Lorie Burningham
Secretary – Martha McKie

This slate of officers will be voted on at the April meeting and the new officers installed at the May meeting.

Submitted by Lynn Freeman

March JMTA General Meeting
Our guest presenter for the March 13th meeting will be E3 International Director Anthony M. Butler, Sr. He has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and shared his E3 philosophy to thousands of people in the US and abroad. His concepts for entrepreneurship & leadership have been used in a wide variety of businesses from mom & pop to Fortune 500 while his passion for community advocacy has helped in the development of initiatives in the areas of economic development, community revitalization and entrepreneurship. He has received recognition from Taco Bell Foundation, National Society of Pershing Rifles, The Harlem Globetrotters, Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Florida Blue and numerous community organizations for his efforts to enhance entrepreneurs, advocate for economic development and create equity for people from all walks of life.

He has been acknowledged by local, regional and national government leaders over the past 25 years including the President Obama Administration in 2012.

In 2014 he was honored as one of the Top 50 Small Business Influencers in Florida by Business Advantage Magazine.

In 2015 he made history with the creation of the E3Xpo model for entrepreneur expos. In 2016 he successfully demonstrated his 3-30-300 concept with the creation of the Cobbin Legal Entrepreneur Community Center in Jacksonville, FL.

In 2017 he established the fast-growing global Call of Eagles© a weekly accountability and results oriented virtual presentation for self-driven visionaries, leaders, and entrepreneurs. In June 2017 he was selected as a workshop presenter for the prestigious Jim Moran Business and Leadership Conference sharing his E3 based training “The ART of Team Building” to the business elite of South Florida.

Mr. Butler will have good advice for JMTA in terms of team-building among our members (think committees) for a stronger association. He will also share ideas to enable us to be active, creative partners in the Jacksonville community.

I look forward to seeing you at our March meeting.

Dr. Anita Renfroe, NCTM
JMTA Program Chair

April JMTA General Meeting

On April 10th, JMTA will be in for a treat! Dr. Diana Dumlavwalla will present a session entitled Online Music Lessons. This session will identify successful traits
shared by online teachers and ascertain how they successfully nurture
artistic musicians. Effective strategies will be outlined to help ensure
online lessons are engaging and student centered. Ideas for getting
started will be discussed. The workshop will also outline the advantages
and disadvantages of this new learning environment. Video examples will be
included in this presentation.

Canadian pianist, Diana Dumlavwalla is an Assistant Professor of Piano Pedagogy at Florida State University. Previously, Diana taught at Western University where she developed the faculty’s inaugural doctoral piano pedagogy course. She also serves as a member of the Royal Conservatory of Music’s College of Examiners and adjudicates at local, regional and state/provincial competitions.

As a soloist and chamber musician, Diana has performed in North America, Europe and Australia. She has presented lecture recitals and papers at numerous conferences and her research has been featured in journals such as American Music Teacher, Canadian Music Teacher, and the Florida Music Director. Recently, Diana was awarded the 2018 MTNA E-Journal Article of the Year. She is currently the Collegiate Chapter Chair of FSMTA.

Diana completed the D.M.A. Performance degree at the University of Toronto studying piano with James Parker and piano pedagogy with Midori Koga. She received her M.Mus. (Piano Performance) at the Royal College of Music in London, B.Mus. (Piano Performance and Voice) at Wilfrid Laurier University and an Associate diploma from the Royal Conservatory. She has studied with many other fine pedagogues including Agnes Olsheski, Virginia Blaha, Heather Taves, Yonty Solomon and Logan Skelton.

Some of you are already exploring lessons in this frontier. Others may be considering online lessons as an option. Please come out and join us for this event.
See you on April 10th!


Dr. Anita Renfroe, NCTM
Program Chair, JMTA

JMTA Summer Music Camp Scholarship

This scholarship will be awarded annually to the students of JMTA teachers to attend the summer music camp of their choice. The scholarship will be partial and based on family need. Teachers must submit a short outline of their students’ qualifications for scholarship along with their name(s) to the JMTA Scholarship Committee for consideration by the JMTA board. Students must show evidence of attendance at a camp. Students who receive money for summer camps from other organizations are not eligible to receive assistance from JMTA.
Applications should be submitted by March 30, 2019 by mail or e-mail to JMTA Scholarship Committee Chair Kamila Shahtakhtinski.

For the Music Camp Scholarship Guidelines and Application, go to and click on Special Events and then Summer Music Camp Scholarship.


JMTA Community Recital

The next community recital for JMTA students will be held on Tuesday, April 16, 2019, at the UF Health Proton Therapy Institute at 6 p.m. The Institute is located at 2015 N. Jefferson Street in downtown Jacksonville.

Performing students should be at the upper-intermediate and advanced levels. Students may perform one or two selections. Send all information one week in advance to Sandy Stewart, Teachers do not need to bring refreshments; they will be furnished by the Institute.



2019 District IV Student Day
Denise Homsley, Mus.M., NCTM, Chair, District IV Student Activities

Student Day was held March 2 at First Baptist Church Jacksonville, the Downtown Campus. Forty-eight students and ten teachers participated this year. Many thanks to our wonderful judges: Joan Cordell, Michael Mastronicola, and Sandra Stewart. Many thanks, as well, to Jo Plunkett, Al Plunkett, Angie Holt, Betty Atkinson, Lorraine Sears, Mark Homsley, and Ansel Audain. Each of you helped make Student Day a very successful event!

The exam results will be available very soon, and will be emailed to you.

The Honors Recital will be held at the UNF Recital Hall on Sunday, March 17th. More information to follow.


The District IV Concerto Competition is taking place on Saturday, March 23 between 10am-12pm in the Recital Hall at UNF. It is open to the public if anyone wants to come and listen.

– Sarah Hartley, Concerto Chair

Find A Teacher Section on


Please take a moment to check out your information on our Find a Teacher page. If you would like to edit, add, or delete your information, please send whatever you would like changed to our Internet Media co-chairperson Lorraine Sears at

Thank you.

Need a Sponsor?
Does anyone in the JMTA need a sponsor or need help in any way? If so, John Scott, owner of Great Scott Music School, is interested in helping our organization. If interested, contact John at

Music Exchange
Do you have too much music collected in your studio? Is there some you think you’ll never use? Let’s have a music exchange! Bring your unwanted music to any JMTA meeting. Bring home something new to you! Look for the “Free Music” spot. Music does not have to be brand new.

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