January 2019

Vol. 22, no. 4

District IV Meeting

Date: Wednesday, January 9th

Time: 9:30am – Business Meeting; 10:30am – Featured Program:

Certification with Dr. Erin Bennett and Kamila Shahtakhtinski

Location: Keyboard Connection, 9912 San Jose Blvd., Jacksonville, 32257


President’s Pen

Dear Colleagues:

Happy New Year! I trust that you and your families enjoyed the Christmas Season and are looking forward to an exciting new year filled with many possibilities.
Our January meeting will be on Wednesday, Jan. 9, at 9:30 am at Keyboard Connection. This is a District Meeting led by District President Dr. Erin Bennett, otherwise known as “new Mom.”
The JMTA Board members should be prepared to vote regarding the bylaws revision to the JMTA Constitution. At least 8 board members are needed to vote. The local bylaws must coincide with the Florida State bylaws, which were changed at the October State Conference. The Provisional designation is discontinued.
We plan to change the title “Historian” to “Archivist” since our archived materials are kept by Amy Turon at the State level. There is a Manual of Procedures for this new position.
Thank you for your help and support in 2018. I look forward to all of us working together to make 2019 the best year ever for JMTA.


Dr. Sandra Roberts

President, JMTA



JMTA General Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Keyboard Connection

Call to order by Dr. Stewart – 9:35 AM

Present: Sandra Roberts, Lorraine Sears, Lynn Freeman, Angie Holt, Denise Homsley, Sandy Stewart, Lorie Burningham, Anita Renfroe

Minutes – See minutes in October’s High Notes

Treasurer’s Report: Lorraine Sears – Refund by Trinity Baptist was received. We received some dues. Our dues verification for next year. We discussed the difference between the ‘senior’ and ‘general’ amount. If someone is still teaching, their dues are the same as the general category.

Lorraine did research last year regarding what other chapters are charging. The lowest amount is $10, the highest is $30. We decided the dues will remain the same – $25 for general and senior memberships and $3 for collegiate.

Altruistic: Denise Homsley – Cards were sent to those that recently had babies. Erin Bennett and Kama Rasmussen. Dr. Roberts asked Denise to send a thank you note to Kamila Shahtakhtinski for her performance at FSMTA.

Communications: Angie Holt – News for the January newsletter needs to reach her by December 20. There won’t be a newsletter in December.

Community Service Awards: Sandra Roberts – Applications are due by December 20. There should be information about this on the website. You can download the packet with the necessary forms. JMTA has paid the $25 fee for the students who apply. We have $100 in the budget.

Ethics: not present

Historian: Lynn Roberts, nothing to report

Internet Media: Lorraine Sears – Lorraine is looking for someone to take over this position. It includes website and internet. Lorraine will check out Squarespace.com. Lorie Burningham offered to take over the website if we can use Squarespace.

Nominating Committee for Elections: Sandra Roberts would contact former presidents and see who can meet to nominate. The committee needs a total of 5 members, with one or more past presidents being part of the committee. Names need to be in place by March because voting takes place in April and they’re installed in May. Names would be given to Angie for High Notes in February for the March edition.





Programs: Anita not present. Jack Melvin will present today. January is our district meeting. JMTA’s next meeting will be February.

Scholarship: – Kamila not present

Social: Angie Holt – Thanks to Angie for bringing refreshments

Recitals: Sandy Stewart – Shepherd of the Woods recital was held last month. Sandy will send Lynn Roberts the information as she is the historian. December 16, at Arlington United Methodist Church, 3:00 PM. March 3 will be at All Saints Episcopal Church 3 PM.

No information on Proton Recital. Usually held in April.

Bylaws: Paulette Kilts wrote out the bylaw revisions and explanations. She sent it to Dr. Roberts. Dr. Roberts asked Angie Holt to send it to the board members for perusal. Board members would be voted on after the district meeting in January. There need to be 8 people present to vote.

Conference Committee Handout: Sandra Roberts – Dr. Roberts handed out a committee list. They are still looking for a few people to help. They need registration desk help (a few hours required), and monitor coordinators. It will be held October 17-20 in Gainesville.

Student Day: (District), Denise Homsley. February 9th at First Baptist Church. December 29 is the deadline for registration. People can park in the children’s preschool garage.

Meeting adjourned at 10:20

Program – Jack Melvin presented on the use of technology in lessons.

Minutes submitted by Lorie Burningham


JMTA Treasurer Transaction Report October 1-31, 2018

Premier Business Checking September 30, 2018 $8365.08



10/04 MPF refund from Trinity $1250.00

10/13 FSMTA Dues 50.00

10/31 Interest .81

Current Checking $4524.06

Piano Festival Fund 3314.10

Warren Fund 1827.73

October 31, 2018 $9665.89

Business Money Market (Scholarship) $4248.98

Business Shares (Piano Festival) 1640.06

22 month CD (matures 3/31/2020) 6909.49

Total Assets October 31, 2018 $22,464.42

Other Business:

o Dues verification form due.

o Current amounts:

o General $25

o Senior $25

o Collegiate $3

– Submitted by Lorraine Sears


Proposed Programs for JMTA General Meetings 2018-19

January 9, 2019: District Meeting – Dr. Erin Bennett; Erin and Kamila Shahtakhtinski will present a program on Certification.

February 13, 2019: Dr. Erin Bennett – “Transitioning out of Method Books”

March 13, 2019: Mr. Anthony M. Butler – “Teaching as a Business Professional” –

Mr. Butler is the Director for E3 Business Group, Inc., an entrepreneurial endeavor that fosters a philosophy for business, professional and personal success.

April 10, 2019: Dr. Diana Dumlavwalla – topic TBA. Dr. Dumlavwalla is a professor of piano and Coordinator of the Pedagogy Program at FSU.

May 8, 2019: –Concerto winners and Luncheon. Let’s invite the students’ teachers to join us for lunch. Lunch at Outback Steakhouse?

Submitted by Dr. Anita Renfroe, Program Chair



2019 District IV Student Day

Denise Homsley, Mus.M., NCTM, Chair, District IV Student Activities

The 2019 District IV Student Day is planned for Saturday, March 2, 2019 at First Baptist Church, 119 W. Beaver St, Jacksonville. The Student Day application deadline is Saturday, January 19, 2019. Please include one check for all fees, payable to FSMTA District IV. Individual student fees are $30 for all levels. Please add $15 to the total for your continental breakfast and lunch.

There are four events; three of which are graded. The events for which the student will receive a grade are: Written Theory, Aural Theory, and Audition. There is no grade for the Recital performance (fourth event); however, the Recital is a wonderful opportunity to share a Student Day piece and polish performance skills.

An independent teacher in Florida has devised a curriculum to help you prepare your students for the technique, aural theory, and written theory portions of Student Day. The guidelines follow the same leveling and guidelines that is provided in your Student Activities Handbook. Contact information is as follows: Music Master, 4111 NW 79 Ave, Coral Springs, FL 33065 954-752-2856 (teacher Sue Colvert) jwcsr@aol.com

The Student Day Handbook may be found online on the FSMTA website under Student Activities, Non-Competitive. There is no charge to print all, or any portion, of the Handbook. Please use the new password, which was emailed to you recently, to access the information. **Please refer to your student’s specific level in the Handbook, which will include any new requirements instituted this year.**

Participation in District Student Day really helps advance a student’s music education. While the preparation is comprehensive, the rewards are great! Students, parents, and teachers are all pleased to see the student learn so much about theory and performance. As certificates and medals are awarded to the students, it is exciting for everyone to see the merits of their effort and how much they have progressed. Additionally, students often remark that school music classes are easy because of what they have learned from Student Day.

Please contact me by email (dh88redrose@comcast.net) with any questions you may have regarding Student Day. Participating teachers will receive their students’ schedules approximately February 15, as well as an email regarding the day’s schedule and responsibilities. Thank you, in advance, to everyone for their assistance toward making this day a great success!!

I will look forward to seeing many of you and your students at Student Day on Saturday, March 2!




Applications are due by Friday, January 4th through the Friday Musicale website for Friday Musicale’s 2019 Outstanding Young Pianists Competition. Teachers with talented students in grades 5-12 are encouraged to submit online applications for solo concerto, and ensemble categories. Auditions occur before a trio of accomplished judges on Saturday, January 12th. All applicants receive written comments from judges. Winners selected perform at Friday Musicale for an evening concert on Friday, January 18th.

Questions? Contact Michael Mastronicola at 904-402-6480 or m.mastronicola@unf.edu.



Find A Teacher Section on Jaxmta.org


Please take a moment to check out your information on our Find a Teacher page. If you would like to edit, add, or delete your information, please send whatever you would like changed to our Internet Media co-chairperson Lorraine Sears at jaxpeach13@yahoo.com.

Thank you.


Need a Sponsor?

Does anyone in the JMTA need a sponsor or need help in any way? If so, John Scott, owner of Great Scott Music School, is interested in helping our organization. If interested, contact John at greatscottmusicacademy@gmail.com.


Music Exchange

Do you have too much music collected in your studio? Is there some you think you’ll never use? Let’s have a music exchange! Bring your unwanted music to any JMTA meeting. Bring home something new to you! Look for the “Free Music” spot. Music does not have to be brand new.


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