May 2018

Vol. 21, no. 8

JMTA General Meeting

Date: Wednesday, May 9

Time: 9:15am – Meet and Greet; 9:30am – Business Meeting; 10:30am – Featured Program:

Concerto Competition Winners

Location: Keyboard Connection, 9912 San Jose Blvd., Jacksonville, 32257


President’s Pen

Dear Colleagues,

Wow! Another school year has flown by. It seems like yesterday that we were getting ready for the school year, then Christmas, New Years, Easter and now, here we are at May. I trust that this has been a prosperous and fruitful year for you.
Many thanks to all who participated in the Multi-Piano Festival music preview. It was such fun. Great sightreading too. I am excited about introducing the music to my students and preparing for the Festival in November. It is such a special event: playing in a piano “orchestra”. I encourage you to get as many of your students involved as possible.

Thank you to Anita Renfroe for the varied and interesting programs this year. I know from experience that planning programs is a yeoman’s job; trying to find something that will stimulate our brains, interest and actions, yet be appropriate for our group. Thanks again, Anita.
Many thanks also to Sandra Stewart for arranging the Proton Therapy Program. The students did a fantastic job and the audience was so appreciative. Thank you to those teachers who encouraged their students to participate. Music really does make a happy heart.

We look forward to hearing our concerto winners at the May meeting at Keyboard Connection. A special “thank you” to Jack Melvin for allowing us to meet at his store. He has been a consistently strong supporter of JMTA. We are most appreciative.
Please encourage any of your colleagues that you contact to attend our meetings. The programs are insightful and the camaraderie invaluable. You never know when you might pick up a teaching nugget and/or make a new friend. We music teachers need to support each other. 😊

Be sure to renew your membership ASAP.

Have a refreshing summer. See you in September.

Sandra Roberts

Dr. Sandra Roberts

JMTA President


JMTA Treasurer Transaction Report March 1-31, 2018

Premier Business Checking March 1, 2018 $6943.80


03/21 check 1089 S. Palmer- Presenter (Warren Fund) $225.00

02/21 check 1090 S. Stewart—Recital programs 17.98

03/26 check 1086 FSMTA D4—dues 295.00


03/17 March Recital 95.00

03/31 Interest .59

Current Checking $3364.46

Piano Festival Fund 1309.22

Warren Fund 1827.73

March 31, 2018 $6501.41

Business Money Market (Scholarship) $4239.68

Business Shares (Piano Festival) 1637.64

CD (matures 5/21/2018) 8833.23

Total Assets March 31, 2018 $21,211.96

– Submitted by Lorraine Eaton


Important Notice from the Treasurer

If you have spent any money fulfilling your duties in JMTA and wish to be reimbursed, all reimbursement requests must be received by May 31, 2018. All reimbursement requests must be accompanied by a receipt.

All reimbursement checks should be cashed no later than June 29, 2018.

These dates are so we can close out our fiscal year and balance the budget.

Thank you.

~Lorraine Eaton, JMTA Treasurer


JMTA General Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Keyboard Connection


Lynn Freeman, Angie Holt, Lorie Burningham, Sandra Roberts, Stephanie Martin, Lorraine Eaton, Betty Atkinson, Erin Bennett, Anita Renfroe

Call to Order 9:38 am: Dr. Sandra Roberts, President

Parliamentarian Lynn Freeman

Secretary Minutes: Lorie Burningham

Treasurer’s Report: Lorraine Eaton

Vide President/Membership: Lindsay Hardee

Provisional Membership: Michael Mastronicola

Sandra passed out left over programs from the successful Proton Therapy recital.

Lynn Freeman motioned to approve minutes as read. Seconded by Anita Renfroe. Motion approved.

Treasurer’s Report: Lorraine
Deposit will be made next week for the UNF hall.
Lorraine handed out the most recent statement. Lorraine will research the CD that is coming up for renewal and present options at the May meeting.
Motion made by Lynn Freeman to accept treasurer report as read, seconded by Betty Atkinson.

Lindsay Hardee: Membership (not in attendance)

Provisional Membership: – Nothing to report

Altruistic: Nothing to report

Communications: Angie – next newsletter will be last before summer. Angie will ask Lindsay to write an article on the Multi Piano Festival.

Community Service: Nothing new to add. From last month, if you think you have someone that would be a candidate, applications are due before the end of December. Encourage students to keep a journal of their activities.

Historian: We still need someone to handle this

Ethics: We still need someone to handle this

Internet Media: Lorraine Eaton, Chelsea Chacon – Nothing to report

Piano Festival: Lindsay not here – Information is on the website under special events. Angie will put in High Notes.

Scholarship: Kamila Shahtakhtinski – nothing to report.

Social: Angie Holt – nothing to report.

Student Recital: Recitals are over for the year.

Programs: Anita Renfroe: See below

Old Business:

We still need members to fill the positions of Ethics and Historian committees.

Lorraine contacted E3 about a presentation on entrepreneurship. It would be one hour. Anita Renfroe will check out the website to decide about a Fall presentation. Lorraine will find out where he’s traveling from and if he’s willing to do it for a small group of people.

New Business:

Sandra Roberts discussed fees for outside presenters. Erin suggested contacting other organizations to see what they are paying presenters. Anita will follow up on that. Erin also offered to do a presentation on transitioning your students out of method book series.

MTNA Report: Lorraine thought the variety of presenters was excellent. The performers were amazing. Erin has been to many national conferences. She loved the exhibit halls and programs offered.

May’s program is the concerto concert at Keyboard Connection.

Motion made by Lorraine to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Anita. The meeting adjourned at 10:30 AM

Thanks for Angie and Betty for bringing refreshments.

– Minutes submitted by Lorie Burningham


Membership Renewal

Dear JMTA members,

Please see the message below from State with regards to renewing on time:

NEW — and most important for 2018-2019:

Kindly encourage your local members to renew by July 1.

After July 1, non-renewals risk being removed from the MTNA billing system thereby complicating the online renewal process.

Please remember to renew on time!!

Thank you,

Lindsay Johnson (Hardee)

JMTA Vice-President in charge of Membership


Multi-Piano Festival

Every two years, the JMTA offers its members’ students a unique opportunity to be part of a large “piano ensemble.” This is a time when students from level 1 through advanced play duets with a group of their peers on multiple pianos at UNF. Music does NOT need to be memorized; just thoroughly learned. This year’s program will be on Saturday, November 10. There will be at least a couple of rehearsals before that date, then a dress rehearsal on November 10 at UNF, with rehearsal times determined by level. Music for all the levels is available at Keyboard Connection for review and purchase. For this event, I suggest choosing levels that are comfortable for respective students rather than trying to push students to their extreme capabilities. Remember, their attention is divided among reading music, listening to each other and following a director.

Teachers, this is a time of fun, fun, fun! Students get to be part of a unit larger than the typical piano solo/duet program. They learn how to work as a team and how to follow a conductor. They make new friends; experience the thrill of being on a “big” stage and in the spotlight in a dress-up situation. It is an exciting event! You pay your dues to be part of this wonderful local/state/national organization that offers in-service meetings to encourage teachers as well as outstanding programs such as the Multi-Piano Festival to motivate students. By all means, take advantage of this opportunity. Your students will be the winners!


Dr. Sandra Roberts

JMTA President

For more information, go to the website and choose Multi-Piano Festival under the Special Events section.

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Does anyone in the JMTA need a sponsor or need help in any way? If so, John Scott, owner of Great Scott Music School, is interested in helping our organization. If interested, contact John at


Music Exchange

Do you have too much music collected in your studio? Is there some you think you’ll never use? Let’s have a music exchange! Bring your unwanted music to any JMTA meeting. Bring home something new to you! Look for the “Free Music” spot. Music does not have to be brand new.


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